Sponsorship Guidelines
As part of Gardenia’s public relation activities to educate and instill healthy lifestyles among Singaporeans, Gardenia works closely with organisations and individuals whose works are in line with our corporate objectives.

For all sponsorship requests, please send in an official proposal, according to the below guidelines for our evaluation.
 Basic Details

 Contact Person & Designation
 Contact Details (Address, Phone, Fax, Email)
 Company (Address, Phone, Fax, Email)
 Relationship to Event (Organiser/Event Manager/Agency/etc)
 Type of Event (an one-off event/series of event, community/national level, etc)
 Programme of Event
 Sponsorship/Event Details

 Summary of Proposal (include purpose/objectives of event/activity, etc)
 Proposed details of Event/Activity (Date, Time, Venue)
 Required amount of Sponsorship (Quantity & Type of Product)
 Purpose of use (Goodie bags, refreshments, etc)
 Other Sponsors (main sponsors targeted, total number of sponsors, etc)
 Exclusivity? (Especially for events involving sale of products)
 Expected/Actual Turnout
 Other relevant information, if any

 Media Coverage, if any
 Publicity & Acknowledgement of Gardenia's contribution
 Benefits & privileges

You can send in your request to us via 1 of the following methods.
(Please select ONLY one method):
 Basic Details

 Public Relations Department (Sponsorship)
      Gardenia Foods (S) Pte Ltd
      224 Pandan Loop
      Singapore 128411
 By Fax

 Fax No: 6873 5492
      (Please do not exceed a maximum of 10 pages.)
 By Email

      (Under Subject, please put "Request for Sponsorship - [your company name]".)

Depending on the number of requests received, it may take 1-2 weeks for us to assess and respond to your proposal. Upon confirmation, we would need 3-5 working days to process the special orders and make the necessary logistical arrangements. Therefore, we advise all sponsorship proposals to be submitted at least a month before your event.