Purple Wheat, Spelt & Quinoa Country Loaf 330g (Improved with Sourdough)
Be delighted by the artisanal nutty taste of the Gardenia Purple Wheat, Spelt & Quinoa Country Loaf which contains sourdough, olive oil, flaxseeds and sunflower seeds.
Multigrain Country Loaf 330g (Improved with Sourdough)
A hearty and wholesome, golden-crusted loaf with 8 types of grains (oat, sunflower seed, linseed, soya grit, corn grit, millet, sesame and wheat germ).
Light Wholemeal Loaf 330g (Improved with Sourdough)
A traditional crusty wholemeal loaf. Its light and rustic taste is appealing to the palate.
Walnut Country Loaf 330g (Improved with Sourdough)
A delicious and tasty loaf packed with walnuts, sunflower seeds and linseeds.
NEW! Savoury Turmeric & Corn Panini 280g
Contains a special blend of turmeric mix and savoury maize, together with ingredients such as olive oil and dried wheat sourdough. It is the only savoury bread in the Gardenia Country Loaves Range, best served lightly toasted.
Mediterranean Panini 280g
Four pieces of flat, rectangular shaped bread with Mediterranean flavour, suitable to be enjoyed as sandwiches or consumed with soup.
Ciabatta 200g
Crispy on the outside, chewy and moist inside. Whet your appetite for sandwiches with freshly baked artisan sandwich breads from Gardenia.
Plain Half Baguette 2's 220g
A traditional and light baguette. It is lightly saltish and tasty.
Available at selected NTUC & Cold Storage stores.