Gardenia Go For Grains!
With the growing emphasis placed on whole-grains products, you may have heard that eating whole-grains is good for health. What exactly are whole-grains and why are they beneficial for health? Let’s start reaping the wholesome benefits of whole-grains by getting to know more about them!

What is a whole-grain?

Grains are the seeds of plants. Each seed contains three distinct parts- Bran, Germ and Endosperm- all of which contain valuable nutrients.

Benefits of whole-grains

The goodness of grains includes fibre, vitamins B & E, minerals and phytochemicals which are contained mainly in the bran and germ layers.

Whole-grains have been proven to:
   √   Reduce the risk of heart diseases by decreasing cholesterol levels
   √   Prevent the damage of blood vessels
   √   Reduce the risk of diabetes, constipation and certain cancers
   √   Make one feel full faster and longer

How much whole-grains should you eat?

It is recommended to include at least 50 grams servings of whole-grains in your daily diet.

Read the Amazing Grains article to find out more wonderful facts about

It’s easy to start making wholemeal choices!

Gardenia has specially developed several wholemeal breads to cater to a growing demand for whole-grain products. All the healthier loaves meet the ‘Higher in whole-grains’ Nutritional Guideline set by Health Promotion Board.

Find the ideal Gardenia wholemeal bread to suit your taste preference!

Healthier choices with Gardenia’s Family of Wholemeal & Multi-Grain Loaves

Super Fine & Soft
Super Soft & Fine Enriched Wholemeal White Jumbo 600 (50%)
  • Made from 50% Super Fine Wholemeal Flour
  • No artificial flavouring and colouring
  • No Cholesterol and Trans Fat
  • Caters to Larger Families
Super Soft & Fine Enriched Wholemeal White Bread (50%) 400g
  • Made from 50% super fine wholemeal flour.
  • Goodness of whole-grains with the softness of white bread.

100% Wholemeal Extra Soft & Fine 400g
  • High in Dietary Fibre & Iron
  • Contains Prebiotic
  • Low in Saturated Fat
  • No Artificial Sweetener

Fine Grain
Fine Grain Wholemeal Bread 400g
  • Made with 60% wholemeal flour
  • High in fibre, yet soft and delicious
  • 2 slices of Gardenia Fine Grain Wholemeal Bread provide you with 1/3 of your daily whole-grains requirements
  • Low in Sugar
Junior Fine Grain Wholemeal Bread 310g
  • Made with 60% wholemeal flour
  • Healthy loaf for the smaller families
  • Low in Sugar

NEW! Low GI Soft Grain Loaf 320g
Cultivate a healthier diet and reduce your risk of diabetes with Gardenia Low GI Soft Grain Loaf. Baked with 90% wholemeal, barley flour and oats for a softer and easy-to-chew texture.
  • Certified Low GI (Glycemic Index)
  • Contains Prebiotic
  • Contains Beta-Glucan (known to reduce bad cholesterol)
  • High in Fibre
  • Low in Sugar
NEW! Brown Rice & Oat Soft Grain Loaf
Gardenia Brown Rice & Oat Soft Grain loaf is specially designed for consumers who are health conscious and wish to enjoy the goodness of brown rice anytime! Baked with specially milled brown rice flour for a soft texture, this loaf is not only nutritious and yummy, it emits the fragrance of brown rice too.
  • High in Protein & Calcium
  • Contains Selenium
  • Contains Prebiotic
  • Contains Vitamin A, D, E
  • Source of Dietary Fibre

   Low GI Nutri Multi-Grain 400g
  • Tested and Certified Low Glycemic Index (GI). Low GI rating indicates that food releases glucose into the blood stream gradually
  • Baked with 12 finest grains and seeds
  • Excellent source of complex carbohydrates, dietary fibre, essential vitamins & minerals
Original Wholemeal Bread 600g
Baked from all natural wholemeal flour for a high fibre content.
  • Made from 100% wholemeal flour.
  • No Trans Fat






Wholemeal Buns
Wholemeal Buns
Wholemeal Hamburger Buns (250g)
Hamburger buns freshly baked with 20% Superfine Wholemeal Flour
  • No Trans Fat
Wholemeal Hotdog Buns (220g)
Hotdog buns freshly baked with 20% Superfine Wholemeal Flour
  • No Trans Fat






Wholemeal Loaf
NEW! Wholemeal Banana Walnut Loaf 400g
Gardenia Wholemeal Banana Walnut Bread is a perfect treat for the whole family with its generous portions of nutritious banana and crunchy walnuts.
Baked to a perfect golden hue, it comes with the same great taste, but of a healthier choice status made with 25% of wholemeal flour!
Many foods made from whole-grains come ready to eat. Add more whole-grains to your daily meal intake and create delicious dishes using Gardenia’s family of wholemeal loaves! Try out the following recipe using Super Soft and Fine Enriched Wholemeal Bread (100%) to create a nutritious and healthy wholemeal quiche.

Do you know?
In refined flour, the bran and germ layers which contain part of the goodness of whole-grains are removed during milling, leaving mainly the starchy endosperm.