Gardenia Celebrates 40 Years of Wholesome Goodness! 

We would like to thank all our Gardenia fans for making us the No.1 Wholemeal Bread Brand in Singapore!
To celebrate our 40th anniversary and to thank you for your continuous support, we are having a 40-cents savings off our Super Fine & Soft 100% Wholemeal Bread from 19 April to 16 May 2018!
Stay healthy with Gardenia!



Gardenia So Good... So Much Fortune!

Celebrate the start of the new year with over $100,000 cash to be won!



Top Prize (1 winner): $38,888

Siti Aisyah Bte Rohaizat (SXXXX598Z)

Consolation Prizes:

$2,888 (8 winners)

Cheang Buan Heng (SXXXX006D)
Rasman Bin Rashid (SXXXX444A)
Foo Lee Lian (SXXXX276E) Seah Wei Hua Kelvin (SXXXX665D)
Kan Phui Lan (SXXXX533E) Toh Seok Choo (SXXXX828I)
Lim Poh Kew (SXXXX808E) Winifred Wee (SXXXX303I)

$688 (80 winners)

1. Abdullah Bin Salleh (SXXXX331D)
2. Adam Bin Salleh (SXXXX093D)
3. Aiw Mee Fah (SXXXX388H)
4. Aw Choon Lim (SXXXX643Z)
5. Belle Pereira Ho Shan Shan (SXXXX884J)
6. Brigilda T. Bolanos (ECXXXX018)
7. Caroline Kong Chen Kuan (SXXXX587C)
8. Chan Sheo Kiet (SXXXX075G)
9. Chan Zhi Wei (SXXXX290F)
10. Cheng Sing Teck (SXXXX612D)
11. Chong Eng Eng (SXXXX420H)
12. Chong Foong Keow (SXXXX561D)
13. Chong Lay Beng Lawrence (SXXXX256E)
14. Chong Li Tieng (SXXXX691D)
15. Chong Lian Kai (SXXXX753E)
16. David Ng Soon Thong (SXXXX432E)
17. Fu Jong Suan (SXXXX367H)
18. Goh Hui Tin (SXXXX216G)
19. Ho Ah Choy (SXXXX982F)
20. Ho Yu Lin Eileen (SXXXX638G)
21. Hoe Duen Fook (SXXXX382A)
22. Hong Ming Khoon (SXXXX844E)
23. Khadijah Bte Sulaiman (SXXXX785A)
24. Khoo Lay Hua Annie (SXXXX911C)
25. Koh Chor Lian (SXXXX836D)
26. Lam Kok Weng (SXXXX290D)
27. Lau Jia Jiun (SXXXX779F)
28. Lee Choon Lian (SXXXX464I)
29. Lee Tong Phong (SXXXX838E)
30. Leo Sang Ho (SXXXX015A)
31. Liew Kai Liang (SXXXX813I)
32. Lim Chin San (SXXXX628H)
33. Lim Guek Ngoh (SXXXX530B)
34. Lim Hwee Huang (SXXXX659C)
35. Lui Chee Weng Ivan (SXXXX310I)
36. Mei Yann Fen (SXXXX637E)
37. Mohammad Asri Bin Sundri (SXXXX980D)
38. Muhammad Nurhisham Bin Abdur Rahman (TXXXX729B)
39. Ng Ah Bee (SXXXX878Z)
40. Ng Hui Ern (SXXXX778F)
41. Ng Lai Poh (SXXXX405H)
42. Ng Poh Wei (SXXXX874H)
43. Ng Soon Seng Andrew (SXXXX967I)
44. Ng Suan Gek (SXXXX813A)
45. Ng Sze Ern (SXXXX905E)
46. Nurharyati Bte Mohamed Sa'at (SXXXX763Z)
47. Ong Geok Kim (SXXXX643Z)
48. Ong Shalny (SXXXX264G)
49. Ong Soo Khim (SXXXX368A)
50. Pang Cheng Fang (SXXXX139F)
51. Peter Ng Chee Kiang (SXXXX544D)
52. Pheeraphat Jirotmontree (SXXXX411B)
53. Phua Meow Cheng (SXXXX501C)
54. Poh Seng Tuck (SXXXX013H)
55. Safina Farhan (SXXXX399Z)
56. See Kwee Hua (SXXXX853H)
57. Sherill Sim (SXXXX426F)
58. Sim Teck Lee (SXXXX850D)
59. Tan Ah Neo (SXXXX998F)
60. Tan Kheng Song Steven (SXXXX185I)
61. Tan Mui Leng (SXXXX602G)
62. Tan Siang Yong (SXXXX758I)
63. Tan Siew Geok (SXXXX725J)
64. Tan Soo King Susan (SXXXX228I)
65. Teo Lye Huat (SXXXX782E)
66. Tham Yeow Fong (SXXXX745I)
67. Ting Chie Hong (SXXXX787J)
68. Umi Saadah Mahmud (GXXXX789R)
69. Vaswani Hiro (SXXXX639F)
70. Wong Fong Chan (SXXXX059D)
71. Wong Siew Wai (SXXXX437F)
72. Woo Hoi Yan (SXXXX213Z)
73. Yang Hui Ting (SXXXX794G)
74. Yap Cheow Yee (SXXXX382E)
75. Yap Kay Lee Ivan (SXXXX705Z)
76. Yee Leng Kim (SXXXX733E)
77. Yeo Sze Min (SXXXX690B)
78. Zaidi Bin Ismail (SXXXX252A)
79. Zainuddin Brahim (SXXXX360B)
80. Zeng Zhi Xiu Priscilla (SXXXX524J)


Promotion Period: 8 January - 8 March 2018


Terms & Conditions:

- Lucky Draw will be held at 2pm on Thursday, 22 March 2018 at Gardenia Foods (S) Pte Ltd
- Lucky Draw is open to all, except employees and immediate family members of Gardenia Foods (S) Pte Ltd & its appointed agencies.
- Multiple entries are allowed but one envelope will be treated as one entry only.
- Entrants will need to keep their original receipt in order to claim a winning prize.
- Results will be published in The Straits Times and on Friends of Gardenia Facebook Page on 30 March 2018.
- Judges' decisions are final. No enquiries or correspondences will be entertained.
- Winners will be notified by post.
- Gardenia reserves its absolute right, without prior notice to the participants, to suspend, terminate, change or cancel the contest (in whole or part) or imposed additional conditions as it deems fit and shall not be liable to the participants of any losses or damages suffered or may be suffered as a consequence either directly or indirectly from the Contest being suspended or terminated.